3 Months After Graduation, I Got A Corner Office

When I graduated from Hampton University on May 9th, 2010… I just knew that by October, I would have a job in my field. That may still happen, but it hasn’t happened yet. Now, by the standards of the economists and the studies that they have been producing, it takes about 7 months to find a job after graduating from college in the current economic climate. Well…I’m four months in…and I haven’t quit yet.

I have a job though…I work every day. 8:30-5:30pm…and I have a corner office. Full disclosure, I’m doing admin work and its only a temporary position, but…nevertheless. I have a corner office.

Anyone who knows that they know what they want out of life (or what they are passionate about) could find it hard to do something that is not whatever motivates them. I was that girl. However, while on my commute to the office one morning, I decided that I was going to make the best out of the situation. Sometimes, that’s all it takes. While at work, I try my best not to think about what I could have. Instead, I think about the things that I do have, and stay positive. I have a job, that pays, when some people don’t even have that. So I’m blessed. That is a winner’s attitude.

I’m an admin now but my vision for myself is much greater than what is in present view. That’s where the office comes into play. When most people move into a corner office, they’re in mid-to-upper level positions in their career. Managment positions, high level authority figures. Everytime I sit behind that desk, I envision myself in those positions. The office represents more than just a career, but also a style and standard of life that I hope to achieve in the near future. It’s a representation of the dream. Part of being successful is being able to see yourself living in your success. Although it may not be happening for you right away, if you can visualize yourself winning, and truly believe you can…you will. It’s Scriptural. Here’s an excerpt from my friend Jornae’s blog “Poised Wellness” about seeing what God has for you.

Achieving health will take faith. You have to see yourself obtaining God’s best for you. Faith in knowing that God is with you and He’s ordering your steps because you were created with a purpose to fulfill. Faith in knowing that His word is alive in your life. “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope (Jer. 29:11). God wants you to live a life full of joy, health, and prosperity.

There it is folks. See it, and achieve it. My vision is in my corner office. Where is yours?


5 thoughts on “3 Months After Graduation, I Got A Corner Office”

  1. I so feel you. I graduated in March, and walked in June, I was so under the impression, yes I’d have a job in journalism by Fall, before my birthday October 20th.

    That still hasn’t happened.

    I have a job, the same job I’ve had while in school, the only thing that’s keeping me down and optimistic at the same time is my “lack of experience.” I think it’s a curse, but however a blessing in disguise.

  2. We’re in the same boat Andrea! There was a point over the summer that I refused to apply for jobs that weren’t media related… The one time I do, that’s the job that actually hired me- in retail. I try to make the best of it though and do the best job I can do while meeting an eclectic group of people from all walks of life. Most importantly I’m just thankful to have a job in these daunting economic times where a good number of people can’t even get one. I know I won’t be working here forever and I haven’t/won’t stop my search for a media position but it’s always necessary to know how to do more than one thing.

    BTW: I like your new blogs’ idea. Very inspirational. 🙂

    1. thank you.
      you know. i did the same thing. the WHOLE SUMMER. i did not apply for anything but media related jobs…no luck. i started applying for other stuff and I had 3 interviews in two days…i guess its just a matter of time though. i already know what i’m supposed to be doing with my career so if that means creating my own avenue to do it in, that’s exactly what i will do!

      you’re in my job search prayers. =)

  3. Same here! Admin assitant only for now! We will make it girl! The world is not ready for us but when we do they will have no choice! I admire your drive and my blog is coming! I keep talking about it but its now time to be about it! And I must say you are one of my inspirations not just for this blog world but as a young black woman with a passion for success keeping God first! I love it! and i love you! Many blessing are in your future Andrea! Pray for me and Im praying for you!

    1. LOVE IT TOYA!
      can’t wait to read your blog…girl just WRITE! but i understand. this blog took me forever to release because i wanted to make sure that the concept was right…now it’s my goal to inspire as many people as possible with it. so thank you for your support and love you! i will of course continue to pray for you and your success because when one of us wins…WE ALL WIN. =)

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