Why Are You Such A Glutton For Punishment

Today I posted a new video at The Uptown Lounge by Bruno Mars. The song is called “Grenade” …and it details the relationship between a young man who loves a girl who does not love him back. Oh, and he doesn’t just love her with that regular love, he said he’d take a bullet  and endure all kinds of pain for her… and she on the other hand, would rather not.

He’s crazy. I just can’t get with the idea of giving your love to someone who doesn’t even care about you.

Here is another example:

Nicki Minaj in “Right Thru Me”. Or, Loretta Devine’s character in “For Colored Girls”. Or, that one friend that you have that always uses you, but never does anything to help you out.

These are all toxic relationships. Today’s question is, how do you continue to let yourself suffer over someone who wouldn’t suffer over you? No one is that irreplaceable that you should have to feel that if you were to lose them, you would be nothing.

It’s a growing epedimic. It stems back to relationships. I know plenty of girls who believe that being in a relationship is way better than being single, and thus settle for being disrespected by a guy who really does not care about her.

It boils down to self esteem. You should not ever have to feel like being in a situation where you’re mistreated is better than being alone! Just think about it, and if not, you can wind up pulling a piano through the streets like Bruno.


2 thoughts on “Why Are You Such A Glutton For Punishment”

  1. common now,its a song,a beatifu one at that,there is millions of stories in the world,and yes there is peoples tht get caught up in love…its a beautiful,well written song…

    1. hi pac!
      i agree, the song is well written and Bruno is talented. This is not a dis! I enjoy the song, but it does speak on a dysfunctional relationship…thats the truth. thanks for your comment though!

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