Why Should The Good Guy Always Lose?

I love TV One, because I love 90’s television.

From Martin to Living Single…I can watch that channel all day and be totally satisfied. Especially since they added one of my all-time favorite shows to the rotation late last year…and I still watch it every night.

I credit A Different World as one of the reasons I chose to attend Hampton University, which was by far one of the best decisions I’ve made in my young life. That show introduced me to the concept of HBCU life, and although the final episode aired in 1993, the topics and conversations are still relevant… 17 years later.

Sometime last week I was watching as usual, and came across an episode about Lena ( Jada Pinkett-Smith’s character) and Dorian Heywood ( played by Bumper Robinson). Dorian, an intellectual freshman basketball player, had all the ladies swooning. He, had his eyes set on Lena, a sophomore…a rough around the edges aspiring writer. The two wound up going on a date, where Dorian disclosed that his faith had prompted him to abstain from sex.

As the episode progressed, Lena tried to find as many ways as possible to break away from Dorian. While I’m sure there were a number of reasons, him being “too good” was one of the main things holding her back.

Of course the whole time I’m watching, I’m talking back to the TV. “If it was me, there would be no question I would lock him down instantly…” etc. But honestly, how many of us have actually pulled something like Lena? We all have standards, but many of us overlook the greatest opportunities for fear of being talked about, or for things that are minute in the grand scheme of things. (You can apply that to any part of your life…really.)

Today’s question is, why should the good guy always fall victim? I had a conversation with a male friend recently who told me that he was done being a nice guy. When I asked why, he replied that all of the girls wanted to be with guys that treated them wrong, so he was going to start giving girls what they wanted.

Sad story right? Well that’s not the first time I’ve heard it. The truth of the matter is, this is happening every day, and girls are still wondering why guys treat them the way that they do. You are only treated the way you allow people to treat you…so I think it’s all time that we sit back and assess our role in our dissatisfaction. The good guy should be the one we’re chasing, instead of the one we’re constantly pushing away.

Challenge yourself to look beyond the package. Just because it’s not wrapped the way you want it, doesn’t mean that whatever’s inside is not fantastic.

By the way, in the end, Lena got over herself and became Dorian’s girlfriend, so there is hope. LOL


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