Ambitious Girl…Go Girl. Go Girl…!

Last week I talked about the good guys…today, a plea for the good girls.

I was listening to Wale’s “Ambitious Girl”…it’s one of those tracks that I’ll play over and over and never get tired of. For the benefit of those who have  never heard the track, it’s a spoken word piece dedicated to all of the young ladies working hard pursuing degrees, careers, and in general taking care of their business above all other general distractions. I relate to it, as do many of my friends.

While Wale did a good job showing his appreciation, I can not be the only one who feels slightly unappreciated? Often times, I feel like we’re sent mixed messages about the roles we’re expected to play. On one hand, a woman who’s dating a baller is automatically a gold-digger, but on the other hand, a woman who’s supporting herself will never be able to get and keep a man? Take for example this tweet from comedian Lil Duval today:

I have a feeling that any woman being “taken care of” by some celebrity or athlete would feel the wrath of Duval’s gold-digger taunts.

Aside from all of that…this post was meant to be an inspiration for all of the young women like me who are “grinding” and working hard to achieve your goals. At the end of the day, all of us want to have our own identity, something to call our own. That’s the purpose of the grind. Work hard, but don’t let your work consume you. Enjoy your life, meet new people, and don’t let anyone tell you that you will always be lonely unless you put your dreams to the side and cater to a man. Not saying that there won’t be lonely times, but if you have faith, all things will work together for your good.



One thought on “Ambitious Girl…Go Girl. Go Girl…!”

  1. Girl you should so read my friends post about this, I’ll link you on Twitter. Her post today was really about the role of women, and the role of men and how do women “let a man be a man.”

    Society, is so contradictory. We are raised to take care of ourselves, but somehow in the relationship sector or to the public this is bad. Because we meet a guy by luck (we aren’t gold diggers or groupies so we would meet them by chance) we are gold diggers, we definitely could have nothing in common?

    It’s sad too that ambition is trumped by gold-differs and dependent women in our culture. Honestly, I rather be single than lack ambition or be a “hustler” attempting to reach my dreams.

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