Where Can I Purchase Wife Material?

Today’s one of those days when I just couldn’t come up with a topic to write on…so as I was looking for a little inspiration today, I remembered watching this video yesterday. Now, I am a fan of all things Youtube, and one of my favorite vloggers is Lewis from iHustleNation.com. He’s pretty funny, but more importantly he tells HIS truth about relationships and issues between the sexes. His latest video, is entitled “wife material”… check it out below.

Newsflash friends. If you’re not ready to make sacrifices…you don’t need to get married. If you can not imagine giving up your weekly trivial expenses to handle business in your household, you’re not ready to get married. If you can not see yourself being with the person you want to exchange rings with for the REST OF YOUR LIVES…then you should not be getting married. I touched on this a few weeks back HERE, and I noted that most people get too caught up in the glamor of a ceremony and forget the commitment that comes with being married.

It’s not something to be entered into lightly.

So what would you add to Lewis’ list if anything? Share.


2 thoughts on “Where Can I Purchase Wife Material?”

  1. Wife Material … sort of superficial at times but its also one of those major points men make for their selection process.

    Now, I can’t say I’ve seen many with this mystical “wifey material” but nonetheless, there are some around who possess the qualities many men would seek mentally. Physically its a toss up seeing that men will go ahead and try to be with ANYTHING since it looks good.

  2. I watched that video yesterday too. I loved how when he got to the good credit part he said that he doesn’t even meet the qualifications. To his list I’d add that we need to look for some things in our partners that they are looking for in us.

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