5 “Guy Things” That I Just Don’t Get

As a girl there are some things that I just do not understand… especially when it comes to the actions of my male counterparts… so I’m presenting them to you all in hopes that my male readers will comment and help me understand.

Standing In Line All Night For Shoes Everyone Will Have

Today Brand Jordan re-released their Cool Grey XI’s. When I was in the mall on Tuesday, the team at Foot Locker was already preparing for the launch of the shoes, with barricades and velvet rope. I’ve never understood why people pay so much money for shoes that cost less than a dollar to make.But to stand in line for hours to get a pair of shoes that everyone else will have? Um I just don’t get it. Shout out to my twitter followers that explained to me that these are a collector’s edition, and will not be re-released for another 10 years…but I still don’t get it. People can stand in line for shoes but can’t vote? Well that’s another topic for another day.

Sagging Pants

Whoever told you this was attractive… please remove them from your life immediately. Not only is it completely unattractive, the history of sagging pants is not something that I would want to be attached to. Trust me if a guy approaches me with his pants below his waist, he will get the immediate cold shoulder. No questions asked, point blank, period. There’s no exceptions. I don’t want to see your boxers.

Watching SportsCenter All Day

SportsCenter is a great show. I think it gives you the information that you need in a timely fashion, but…when it’s on all day…it runs on a loop. That would be like me watching the same episode of Top Model, over and over again. It’s not productive. Instead of watching the same highlights of  Blake Griffin’s huge dunks…you could be finding out what’s going on in North Korea. Just flip to CNN for a minute. It’s all about balance.

Not Dancing At A Party

I’ve never understood the concept of going to a party and looking at girls. You could do that at the mall for free, instead of paying that insane cover that they forced upon you to get in the door of the venue. I’m not really sure when guys became too cool to dance, but I feel like we’d all have more fun if people just loosened up and enjoyed themselves. I know you saw House Party! Those guys had a ball, and weren’t ashamed to really dance…or sweat.  If you’re going to stand and stare…save yourself the cost of admission and go to the park.

Playing Your Gaming System Until You Can’t Feel Your Thumbs

I’ve never been a gamer, but I did enjoy a few rounds of Super Mario Bros when I was a bit younger. That being said…I have seen many guys take the gaming obsession to a whole new level. Standing in line outside of GameStop waiting for the new Madden (see no. 1)… placing bets on NBA 2k11, and playing xbox until your eyes are dry and thumbs are sore…? What’s the purpose? I’m all for fun, but…it’s the ones who really take it seriously that I don’t understand.

LADIES… add to the list.

GENTS… Maybe you can help me understand!


5 thoughts on “5 “Guy Things” That I Just Don’t Get”

  1. Reason #3 was the main reason why I stopped attending clubs. Because EVERYBODY wanted to stop and look at everybody and not dance.

    I could have sworn I went to the club to listen to some old Michael Jackson records, meet a young lady with no inhibitions to partake of a mutual agreement of “I’m sorta single, you dance like you’re sorta single – let’s make this work.”

    Oh, and a financial thing: Nike made $20 billion this year. Jordan Brand made have made somewhere up to a few billions by re-releasing the best Jordans ever (I-XIV). There’s something you can re-direct your money to other than looking like everyone else and trying to stunt for the approval of another man.

  2. Ok the issue with the video games is that many of the games are very realistic in nature and theme. Many players often use their online gaming personalities to live a life that is not them in reality. So in a feeble attempt to be something they are not, they then become overwhelmed and obsessed, hence the dry eyes and sore thumbs.
    But there also those who play professionally for money in tournaments, and in their case sore thumbs and dry eyes, with money for days!!

  3. The shoes thing is because everyone else is doing it; the blind leading the blind mentality.

    Same with the video games except video games are like the next step after action figures. It’s an imagination thing for most. But moderation is the key.

    Sportscenter all day? That’s for the intellectually limited guy…period. He really has nothing else to do because he can’t do anything else.

    Guys that dance always look like they are having a ball. Guys that don’t dance cant dance and wish they could dance. Since they can’t, may as well look like you are too cool to dance…but actually, you look miserable

    sagging is a front. Guys want to feel powerful so they do things that say “I wish someone would say something to me” knowing that no one will. Fake thugs need hugs

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