Handle Your Business

My productivity was at an all time low today. I’d probably cite the rainy weather as an excuse for the minimal amount of work that got accomplished today! Needless to say, I was in dire need of a shot of inspiration.

Normally when I hit the writer’s block wall, I go read something. Today I found my inspiration in the form of a video that I had already seen. One thing I’m learning about running a blog, and developing my business, is that the only thing that will block you from your greatness is a self-imposed obstacle. Anything that’s stopping you from achieving your goal is rooted in something that you can stop yourself.

The following mini-documentary on Brian-Michael Cox was produced by The Cashflow… a non-profit program sponsored by the organization 100 Urban Entrepreneurs. Take a few moments to watch it below.

There’s something about hearing someone else’s story that reminds you that the things you want are attainable. Whenever I feel like I’m tired of working, I read up on someone that’s doing what I want to do… and get back to the grind. This video was no exception.

When you know you have the skill to do something, it is easy to become complacent. What people tend to forget, however, is that talent alone can not get you to where you want to be. Well, you might get there, but it won’t keep you. Having drive is the catalyst to your success.

Moral of today’s story. You want it. Get it. Handle your business. I firmly believe that you would not be blessed with a vision to do something if you weren’t equipped with the skills to achieve it. Nothing is holding you back or stopping you from getting it. It’s time to work. =)

I’ll be back tomorrow with a fresh post at noon.


3 thoughts on “Handle Your Business”

  1. Okay, you kicked me in the butt.. I’m up now. Just finished writing my blog about my LIFE GOALS and will be starting a Vision Board in the future (I belief I saw that you were starting one in anther blog)… Thanks for being diligent.. Kujichagulia

  2. Heiya man, Me browse around over blogs looking several article & come your blog. Honestly, I`am impressed by information that you publish on this website. I think that u have great understanding on article subject and wrote it with very good ways. I think that you have writing talent on yourself. I`am bookmark this page, will back here again. You`re my friend and you is the man!!!

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