Sometimes Silence Speaks Louder Than Words

About a week ago, I planned to write a post for The Uptown Lounge about Chris Brown’s 2010 comeback. I have been very impressed by the progress he’s made since THE INCIDENT, which was almost two years ago. He did his community service, he cried at the BET Awards, he’s nominated for 3 Grammy’s for a mixtape song, and he completed his court ordered domestic violence course. Chris really made strides to get back in the public’s good graces, and then…he regressed for a few hours. The problem is, those few hours have sparked a negative media frenzy that will probably once again put him back in America’s proverbial dog house. Not sure what I’m talking about? Maybe you don’t have a Twitter account.

Here’s the story from Entertainment Weekly:

Chris Brown launched into a profanity-laced Twitter feud for several hours today with former B2K member De’Mario Thornton — a.k.a. Raz-B — in which both Brown and Thornton employed homophobic slurs and taunts.The exchange began after Thornton tweeted, using the Twitter handles for, respectively, Eric Benet, Brown, Halle Berry, and Rihanna, “I’m just sittin here Thinking how can n — s like @ebenet & @ChrisBrown disrespect women as Intelligent as @HalleBerry11 [and] @Rihanna.”

Brown quickly tweeted in response, “@razb2k, n — you want attention! Grow up n — !!! D — in da booty a– lil boy,” and followed up with several tweets taunting Thornton over his accusations that he was molested by his ex-manager and one of his former group mates.

Thornton replied by accusing Brown of being on the down-low (i.e. in the closet).

By the end, both Brown and Thornton had apologized for using homophobic slurs and appeared to have moved on to tweet another day. It was all a masterful display of debate at its finest.

Now of course, the mainstream media is not really going to understand the nuiances of the entire feud, because no one in mainstream media knew who Raz B was before yesterday. Raz B is like The Boy Who Cried Wolf. He said that he was molested, then recanted, then said he was molested and recanted again, and in between drug people’s names and reputations through the mud. As much press as he’s been trying to garner for himself, he’s still not a relevant artist. That’s where the lesson comes in.

By responding to the ignorant and pointless comment from someone who’s career hasn’t been notable since the early 2000’s, Chris Brown defeated himself. Raz B has free press, 100K more hits on his latest Youtube video and 60K more followers than he had before the Twitter “beef” began. It’s a well known fact, that one negative action can cancel out innumerable positive efforts. People don’t remember the good, when they see the bad. It’s sad but true. In times like these, when people say things about you, or bring up your past mistakes, it’s always best to just let it roll off of your back, especially if you are in a position of power or influence. Giving press to something that is ignorant only makes you look foolish. You can observe true strength in someone who shows enough restraint to remain silent in the face of ignorance. For reference, check out the 9th Law of Power:

Win through your Actions, Never through Argument

Any momentary triumph you think gained through argument is really a Pyrrhic victory:  The resentment and ill will you stir up is stronger and lasts longer than any momentary change of opinion.  It is much more powerful to get others to agree with you through your actions, without saying a word.  Demonstrate, do not explicate.

Maturity is not predicated by age. As we continue to grow, we have to remember how much influence we have over our own destiny. The dumb stuff that doesn’t matter… should be just that. If I could give Chris one gift right now, it would be this interview with R. Kelly… (I know, he may be the last person you would think I’d get advice from) but the things he said here would really help Chris, and all of us who come in contact with an unworthy hater.

Elephants don’t swat flies.

Editor’s note: Chris went ahead and apologized, (you can read it HERE) and I honestly and wholeheartedly understand where he’s coming from…hopefully…he’ll continue to learn and grow.


One thought on “Sometimes Silence Speaks Louder Than Words”

  1. I read about this feud on BlackVoices. People need to realize that not all issues need to be addressed. Chris B should ignore all negative comments. It”s wasted energy!

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