The Price Of Education

What cost should we pay for a good education?

It’s a well known fact, that in other developed countries, education, all the way through University, is free. In America, a country that prides itself on being a world power, education often takes a seat on the back burner. Years ago, Thurgood Marshall and other crusaders fought the battle for desegregated and equal education for all. Brown vs. Board of Education should have sealed that for us, but today we’re still struggling to give children the best education possible. While it may be difficult, it would not be impossible to give students the same education, despite their socioeconomic background. It would take the help of our elected officials and policy makers, but unfortunately, it is not a priority on on anyone’s platform or agenda.

One might argue that if we solved the issues in our educational system, we might be able to solve many of the other issues that constantly plague our country. So what price would you pay to obtain a good education for yourself, or your children? One woman in Akron, Ohio payed the price in time. Jail time, that is. Here’s the story:

An Ohio single mother was released Wednesday after spending 10 days in jail for sending her children to school. But it was the wrong school, authorities say.

Kelley Williams-Bolar registered her two daughters with the Copley-Fairlawn School District in the suburbs of Akron, Ohio, near her father’s home. She and the children live in downtown Akron, where the school district has a much lower academic record and the neighbourhood is plagued by drugs and crime. The woman told CNN the family considered her father’s house one of their homes.

“My primary residence was both places. I stayed at both places,” she said in an interview at the Summit County Jail.

Her father, Edward Williams, said the children did live with him so he believed the family was within the law. In addition, his daughter’s Akron neighbourhood — where she lives in government-subsidized housing —isn’t safe.

“She had 12 police reports that her house had been broken in, so what am I supposed to do? Just leave them there?” Mr. Williams said.

“I mean, I can protect them better if they was with me.”

The woman — who is black — was caught after the school district hired a private eye, who videotaped her driving into the predominantly white district to deliver the children to school. Then officials asked her to pay US$30,000, the estimated cost of the four years of schooling received by her children without her paying taxes. When she refused, they went to court. Ms. Williams-Bolar was indicted and convicted of falsifying her residency records.

“It’s overwhelming. I’m exhausted,” she told ABC News.

“I did this for [my children], so there it is. I did this for them.”

Read the rest of the story HERE.

Raise your hand if you know someone who’s used a family member or friend’s address to go to a school in a different district. Exactly. All of us. While we know this is wrong, what else can we do? If you know that circumstance prevents you from being able to pay for your children to attend a private school, and there is a public school within reach that would allow your kids to get the education they deserve, why wouldn’t you do everything possible to get them there? Everyday, I’m thankful for the opportunities that I’ve received through my education, and I want the same for every child that walks this earth. According to President Obama, teachers should be regarded as nation builders…but if we pay our nation builders like day-laborers…our nation will not get built. Something has to change…but what? Do you think Ms. Williams-Bolar deserved to sit in jail for ten days? I don’t. No one should ever have to face this issue. What’s your opinion?


2 thoughts on “The Price Of Education”

  1. I want to say thank you so much for talking about my (case) situation.I began blogging because it is therapeutic and I started noticing many blogs about my case. I am filled with over whelming gratitude and I give thanks to everyone that signed my petition and spoke on my behalf. I went into a great depression. Many people do know know that my father as well went to jail and he died in prison all for the education of my two daughter’s I will have a autobiography coming soon. Hopefully before the new year. I wish every one well Thank you so much. We are all a family in some form or fashion. Feel free to highlight and stay up to date with my blogs. God bless

    1. Kelly,
      Your story touched me, and I am so sorry that your father had to spend his last days in prison. I pray that God grants you peace, and I will definitely support by reading your blogs. God Bless you!

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