The Problem With Grown Up Mean Girls


In the now classic (at least in my opinion) film Mean Girls… a group of young ladies used the power of mean to gain a celebrity-like status in a small town high school. The movie is so popular, because if you think back to your high school experience, I’m sure that you can recall that same group of girls in sitting in your cafeteria.

So what’s the cutoff age for acting like a little girl? One might think that it might be when you actually stopped physically being a little girl. Apparently, that is not the case.

As women, we’ve allowed ourselves to perpetuate, promote and sometimes encourage the stereotypes that plague us.

Do you think I may be a bit overzealous? Well when was the last time you flipped on the television? Do you watch VH1, Bravo, WE…or any of the other reality show powerhouse stations? I dare you to try it. What you’ll find are tangible examples of exactly how we’ve continued to let our younger selves rule us in our adult lives. It may just be entertainment, but if we just chalk it up as trivial jibber-jabber, we’re truly discounting the power that we’ve given to pop culture.

“Nobody wants a nice girl on reality television. That’s boring! We want the messy girl!”

You can thank Wendy Williams for that little gem of truth. But what does that say to our little girls coming up? We all grew up wanting to be stars…now the role models girls have to look up to are the Evelyn’s (Basketball Wives) and NeNe’s (Real Housewives) of the world. They quote their profanity laden dialogue…record fights, put them on YouTube, cyberbully… all of which are byproducts of the images we allow children to see. And that can not be good.

As with any economic function, entertainment is based on the simple principle of supply and demand. It doesn’t get supplied if it’s not demanded.

So what do we do to combat this? How about we stop encouraging & promoting the the ignorance we see. It’s entertainment, so I’m not suggesting you stop watching (because I won’t. Just being honest), but watching and glorifying actions are two totally different things!

Life is all about balance. Let’s try to find some, and let’s do it quickly.


4 thoughts on “The Problem With Grown Up Mean Girls”

  1. Great post, the mean girl in my opinon should have ended when we left high school, oddly it didn’t. In a personal opinion I feel like caddy behavior and being meaan for the sake of being “cool” is a real lamme trait. Once again, a great post girl.

  2. It’s not only to stop encouraging and promoting, but to really understand that its not “cool” to act or talk like that. It is definitely entertainment but not one that we should have our younger generations watching. I think that’s a key aspect as well. The subject matter and dialogue in these shows are not suited for children, but for MATURE ADULTS!!
    Great post love!!!

  3. I was at a piano bar the other night where people are brought up to be teased in front of a crowd if its their birthday, they’re a bachelorette, or just plain drunk. Every time a girl finished her time on stage, the whole bar yelled in unison, “You slut, you bitch, you whore!” I looked around in bewilderment when this happened the first oh, 3 times. My friends laughed at my horrified face. Why do we allow each other to say names like that? You’ve sparked my interest and I think I’ve found my next post topic…

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