GUEST POST: Post Grad Experience

Hey guys! I felt like 1PBG was the perfect place to share experiences so I’m opening the floor to any young lady willing to share her story. Today, I’d like to present to you our first guest post at 1PBG, a piece written by my fellow Hampton Alumna Leslie Alexander about life post-grad. I hope you enjoy it. – Andrea

By Leslie Alexander​

Graduating from college brings upon mixed emotions, it can be a joyous occasion and it can be one of the most difficult moments in your life. The transition from college to the working world, better known as the real world, can be very tumultuous, and the job search can be difficult and discouraging. After the college experience is over young adults are expected to have a clear outlook on life. Unfortunately, many are still perplexed. This is when the “Post Grad Experience” begins to undergo its systematic stages. During the first 6 months new college grads begin searching for that dream job. This is the job that will bring them joy, fulfillment and a great starting salary. However, once reality sets in, the outlook changes. You begin to realize that you cannot pursue your dream just yet, you may have to start out as an assistant or even an intern and the pay is quite disappointing. Once you factor in rent, loans, utilities and other miscellaneous expenses, you begin to realize that your “passion” will barely pay the bills.

Then the following stage begins, you begin to look for a safe position. This position may not be your first option, but the salary is higher and the 401k, benefits and opportunity for growth within the company seems promising. What do you do? Should you follow your passion, or move closer to the money? Before you know it, you realize that a quarter life crises is right around the corner and you envision yourself as a sell out.

A wise woman once said, “There’s something inherently wrong with a society where individuals are forced to take on mundane occupations just to make a basic living.” In a publication titled “Rich Dad Poor Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki discusses the “Rat Race”. The “Rat Race” is a tedious process that Americans undergo day in and day out. We go to work and on the 1st and 15th 75% of our pay check goes to our various expenses, student loans, car notes, mortgages, utility bills, etc. How do we exit the rat race? Parents advise their children to attend college and get a good education. In return we are prepared to pursue a safe and steady profession. This is all well, but what happens to self fulfillment, what about our passion? How often are we advised to follow our passion? We are told to excel in mathematics and science so that we can get high paying jobs. All too often we are not advised to follow our desires, we are encouraged to conform and enter the rat race.

Regrettably many will choose the positions that offer more money over the passion. This is when the rat race begins. Sadly enough students prepare themselves to become society robots. Working to no avail, working to pay bills, existing and not living. Formal education affords people several opportunities, it encourages you to be a structured individual, but somewhere in your heart you have to learn to find self-contentment and inner peace.

Needless to say you should always leave some room for your passion. You may not start out exactly where you want to be, but dedication and perseverance will get you there. Frustration and rejection is just part of the process, but never leave your passion behind, it’s the one thing that will keep you sane in this ever-changing upside down society.

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5 thoughts on “GUEST POST: Post Grad Experience”

  1. I didn’t follow my passion who was to work in graphism, I choosed HR. I think I like HR. I’m so excited wehn I go to that tall glass-made building for an interview. But it’s so hard, I can’t believe I went in College for 33 000 $

  2. When you follow your passion, the universe will provide you with everything that you need. There’s nothing wrong with wanting money, money provides us with options. There is something wrong, however, with choosing the option to spend all of your time chasing more money rather than choosing the option to use your money to support your passion. Just because your dream of becoming a best selling author isn’t feasible at the moment, and won’t pay your bills, you can still write everyday, blog, whatever you need to do to keep you connected to your passion. Without passion, what are you living for? Prove you exist.
    Great article Leslie. ❤

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