Seriously, Get A Life.

Sometimes I wonder exactly how far people will go to share their opinion on the lives of people they don’t know.

I know this thought process may seem strange coming from a girl who blogs about entertainment on a daily basis, but…follow me for a moment. This is as much for me, as it is for you.

Unless you’ve been in solitary confinement for the last 4 days, you know that international pop superstar Beyonce gave birth to her first child with her husband Jay-Z over the weekend. Since, there’s been a firestorm of backlash surrounding the details of Blue Ivy Carter’s birth, right down to a general distaste for her given name. I’ve been quiet about it, mostly because…it’s not my life. That all changed when I woke up this morning, opened my various social networks, and was greeted by this picture:

This just takes it way too far. My first reaction was disbelief. I could not wrap my mind around the concept of someone saying something like this about a newborn. Especially not the people of God**.  My second reaction was re-thinking what I said in this post a little over a year ago. While fame may have it’s upsides, people don’t think about the constant negativity and scrutiny that comes with being in the limelight.

It is no secret that American society has been driven by pop culture, an amazing phenomenon that has exploded in the years since the advent of the world wide web. In previous generations, fans of celebrities were relegated to staring at pictures in print publications, and hoping to see their favorite artists live in concert. Today, however, with the advancements we’ve had in technology, we’ve cut our degrees of separation down drastically. As a matter of fact, in most cases, we have the opportunity to reach out directly to the artists and celebrities we see on TV every day, for better or for worse. More often than not, it’s the latter.

The negativity tossed around the internet on a daily basis is appalling. I’ve watched people say things online to celebrities that they would never say to their faces. As a matter of fact, I’ve seen several bloggers do this with my own eyes. People have made careers spreading false truths about people they’ve never met.Then, when a celebrity goes off of the deep end (whether online, or in public) no one ever wants to take responsibility for the role they played in the situation.

What’s worse, is this trend of cyberbullying among everyday people. Kids are killing themselves because they can’t take the pressure of being different; be it the way they dress, how much money they have, or their sexuality. There’s a deeper issue here… no one cares anymore. We’ve become so wrapped up in ourselves that we’ve forgotten to take the feelings of others into consideration. We’re emotionally desensitized. That is a huge problem. In no way shape or form am I saying that you should always agree with everything that someone says. You don’t have to agree with the way someone lives their life. You can disagree without being hateful. Try it.

** The pastor of the church that owns this sign says that the church had absolutely nothing to do with the message you see above. He suggests it was vandalized. You can read more about that story here.


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