Morning Motivation: 10/1/2012 – Embrace What Makes You Different

Hey…Good Morning!

Its a brand new day, a brand new work week, and a brand new month all rolled up into one! You know what that means, right? The fact that you’re reading this means that there is still something for you to accomplish here on earth. What steps are you taking today to move you closer to your purpose?

Here’s some motivation:

Last night I saw a promo on Magic Johnson‘s new network, Aspire. If you haven’t gotten a chance yet, you should really check it out. They’ve got great positive programming to help you balance out all the reality mess that you tend to see in the mainstream. They’ve been running these short features on people and their aspirations, and one of them was Misty Copeland of the American Ballet Theater (ABT), the company’s first black soloist in it’s lengthy history.

What’s awesome about her story is how she’s embraced what makes her different. She had a difficult upbringing…which may not seem that different from many people in America, but in the dance world, it’s an oddity. She didn’t begin dancing until she was 13, while most begin their dance careers in their single digit years. She’s built more athletically, and has more curves than other dancers. Oh, and then there’s the thing about her being black in world where people of color are few and far between. You could say that the odds were stacked against her, but she decided to think and act in a spirit of positivity.

Instead of hiding behind what many perceived as negatives, or using them as excuses not to achieve, Misty has accepted and welcomed them as an opportunity to do more with her platform. She’s creating dance wear lines for women with curvier body types and plus size women in an effort to encourage more people to get active in dance or whatever athletic activity suits their fancy. She’s also become somewhat of a cultural liaison for the ABT, serving as a consultant when young black girls come into the school and the company leadership doesn’t understand what to do with their hair. (Yeah, I know, but people have to be educated in order for them to grow, right?) Finally, just achieving greatness has made her an example of exactly what happens when you work hard, persevere and make your dreams a reality. It’s all possible if you believe.

Embrace. What. Makes. You. Different. Whatever you’ve got, someone needs. You were put here for a purpose, so don’t think that you can’t offer value because you’re not built like everyone else. Take into account all that you have, rather than what you don’t and use those things to make something great happen today, this week, or this month. You’ve got it all… so act like it!

Check out this video of Misty at work, and follow her on Twitter @MistyOnPointe


One thought on “Morning Motivation: 10/1/2012 – Embrace What Makes You Different”

  1. Absolutely love this article! It came to me right when I need to be Motivated, to move forward, toward becoming and building on my God given gift and embrace it to it’s fullest! That is what I am going to try everyday to step by step move toward. Very enlightening.

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