Morning Motivation – 10/2/2012: Set The Tone

Hey! Good Morning!

And it is a good morning, even if it’s raining, or your day just isn’t off to the best start.

You have the power to choose how your day progresses. The one thing I’ve learned is, that you can not control everything. All you’ve got, is the opportunity to react the right way to what’s going in the world around you.

No matter how many times you honk your horn, the traffic is not going to magically disappear. Just leave earlier and relieve some of the stress.

No matter what you do someone is going to talk about you, whether you’re winning or losing. What’s the point of reacting negatively? You might as well be great.

I truly believe that every day, we should take steps toward making ourselves better people. Find that one thing that puts things into perspective for you, and set the tone of your day.

Take me, for example. Every morning, I read my devotional and say a prayer to get my mind right before I even head out of the door. As little negative stuff pops up throughout the day, I’ll throw on my positive playlist, which always starts with this song:

It puts things back into perspective for me.

What does it for you? It’s never too late to set the tone of your day, so make it a great one!


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