sorry, your goals aren’t enough.

2013 was an interesting year for me. A number of things happened, which I won’t share too much of in this post, because over the course of the next few posts, I’ll be sharing some things in detail. Over all, however,  if I could give 2013 a theme, it would be: preparation.

In 2013 I turned 25. While I’m not necessarily sure that your life randomly changes at milestone moments like birthdays, I noticed that over the course of the year, I had developed a level of maturity that I didn’t have previously. I can now comfortably hold a mirror up to myself and fairly take a look at the things that I need to fix, but also, just as important, I can see the things that are really great about me. I’m grateful for that. Everything that happened to me last year was preparing me for the things that are coming my way in the near future.

When I think about the concept of “new” anything, I get excited. New, means fresh. New means untouched opportunities. New means, untapped potential. It’s no wonder then, that for many of us a new year means new resolutions, goals, and dreams. While all of those things are cool, having them is simply not enough.

You can’t call a dream a goal. They are two very different things. Dreams, are like wishes. They’re the “what if” or “that would be cool” thoughts that we all have from time to time, when we see things that we’d like to have. Goals are what we put in place to make dreams happen, but even goals aren’t worth anything if they aren’t attainable, or actionable.

Many times, we hide behind pseudo-faith to justify our inactivity – and that inactivity is normally due to laziness, fear or a combination of the two. It’s actually the complete opposite of faith, a lot of times, that keeps us from getting what we want, while we justify not having what we want by saying that we have faith that it will come to pass. Crazy, right? It’s very backwards.

I’m sure that many of us have said things like “I’m just waiting on The Lord to move in this situation,” and I know that because, I’ve said it too. It’s partially true. See, the way my beliefs are set up… I can make some things happen on my own, but not everything. Some things are impossible without God. Some. Even in my studies of the stories in the Bible, there was always an action step before God moved. For example… Moses had to pick up the staff and put it in the water before God split the Red Sea. David had to block out all the haters and naysayers before God helped him defeat Goliath. The lady who had been bleeding for 12 years had to go out, fight crowds, and risk death to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment before she was made well. In your waiting, there has to be some kind of action. You have to participate in your own blessings.

With that said, I’m sorry to let you know that just hanging up that vision board is not going to be enough to get you that Benz you cut out of the magazine. Writing down that you want to lose weight is not going to keep your thighs from rubbing together. You have to move on those things. To make this more personal: I’ve been saying I need to write here at this site everyday, but I didn’t think I had anything to say. Instead of waiting for some bright ideas to pop in my head…(because that wasn’t working,) I found a list of writing prompts and here I am, talking to you about goals for the new year. It’s one step in a greater plan, and it’s a process. I still fight being lazy, I still fight that nagging feeling of “what if I can’t do this?” I’m choosing, however, to make an effort to push that to the side, every single day. It’s now a challenge for me. An “I can” challenge. I hope you’ll join me on it.

What are your goals for the new year? Are they just written, or are you moving on them? What do you do to make your dreams happen? Share with me in the comment section.


3 thoughts on “sorry, your goals aren’t enough.”

  1. Wow, your read is So Real, So Truthful and can be applied to us all. This one is a keeper. It has encoraged me to act on at least one of my wishes, I really compost with you about taking action even when it relates to our beliefs, for the blessings we hope for to come to reality.

  2. Aaah! I love my God! *Sorry just experienced an “ah-ha” moment*. I shared this article earlier in the week because I wanted to remind myself to read it. Over the past few days, I’ve been thinking about my “goals”. A friend and I was having a discussion about goals. And I scream out “I have a list… I wrote it down!” (Because I was SURE that was all that needed to be done). And he says “Forget that list! You need deadlines.”. And a light went ding ding! I went back over my list and gave myself realistic deadlines of things that needed to be completed in order to “reach a goal”. My two cents would be to think about your goal and the things that need to be done to reach it. (I.e., Lose weight, go to the gym). Then give yourself a deadline to reach a step to the goal. (I.e., Lose 15 pounds by March 1,2014). Give yourself multiple task to complete and then when your deadline comes, see if your on track. It’s like a mid-year evaluation on a job. It really makes me feel like I’m on the right path. And then I read this article and It all came together! I will whole-heartily participate in the “I can” challenge. (“Sorry to be so deep”)

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