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The funny thing about being a pretty brown girl is that people think it’s an anomaly. If you let some people tell it, you can be a pretty girl, or you can be a brown girl, but you can’t be both. The name came to me during a brainstorming session. A few hours earlier, I had (once again) been hit with the most annoying phrase in the world “You’re pretty for a brown skinned girl”… [gag.]

Pretty Brown Girl, was the idea that stuck, not only because it’s a play on my name [Andrea Brown], but also because it’s general and inclusive enough for anyone who’s ever felt that their beauty was discounted due of the tone or color of  their skin.

This blog has two missions. The first, is to highlight my journey as a recent college grad attempting to break into the world of communications, entertainment and entrepreneurship. The second is to prove to everyone that pretty brown girls do exist…and more than that, we’re pretty awesome.


7 thoughts on “About The Blog”

  1. I love the story behind your name. It shocks me that people would actually say “You’re pretty for a brown skinned girl” to you. I’ve never heard things like that before. Maybe I’m sheltered?

    I also graduated college recently and am extremely interested in communications and entertainment.

    I’m interested in reading more from you. 🙂

  2. I am flabbergasted that anyone who say something so offensive to you

    “You’re pretty for a brown skinned girl”….gosh that’s awful.

    I think your blog is inspirational and I look forward to more of your writing 🙂

  3. Im looking forward to read more. “You’re pretty for a brown skinned girl” is a phrase that is repeated time and time again and with such a suprised undertone from the person who says it like they have seen a ghost. Im brown and LOVE it! I dont know about you but it always comes from a brown skinned person themselves.

  4. I listen to the comments on the Mean Girls of Morehouse by, Andrea Brown. I would like to say some of our young ones have lost their way and need to be heard/seen. The bit about the jeans I agree, go home and be you. Get the education and let other focus on their education, DON’T BRING DOWN THE HOUSE.

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