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The Benefits of Silence

Confession: I have been struggling. The struggle is real in my life, and I can say that now. At one point in time, I probably wouldn’t have been able to admit that, but with experience comes growth. 

If we’re all honest, none of us are perfect. There are things that each of us know that we can improve on, but for whatever reason… the change is hard to bring to fruition. We work around change. We try to find quick fixes and easy routes to avoid taking a hard look at ourselves and putting our best foot forward to make them happen. No one really wants to work hard at something if there’s an easier way, and if you say you do… congrats on being superhuman. Continue reading The Benefits of Silence


So… Now What?

Yesterday, we were all exposed to the reality of capital punishment, and were forced to make assertions on our own about it’s validity and relevance in our society.

Yesterday, two men, in two different states, were executed by their government, as a recourse for crimes they were convicted of. One of the men, confessed to committing the hate-driven murder he was convicted of…and had absolutely no remorse. The other, stood by his statement of innocence until he took his last breath…but still apologized to the family of the man he was accused of killing. Regardless of the doubt surrounding his innocence or guilt, he is no longer living.

Yesterday, many of us posted our thoughts, well wishes, or pseudo-indifference on our social media accounts.

But today… less than 24 hours after two more men were killed, legally, at the hands of the states in which they resided…things are back to normal.

Or, are they? Continue reading So… Now What?

For Auld Lang Syne & Cloud Covered Mountain Tops

I started off 2011 in a fit of tears.

You know the kind. You try to choke them back until they overpower you, leaving you emotionally open and vulnerable to the world that surrounds you? Yes. That was me. Standing in a room full of people, but alone with God. At that moment, I felt more peace and solitude than I had felt in a very long time.

The tears, were flowing from a place at the bottom of my heart; much deeper than the joy of seeing a new year. I was filled with gratitude for all of the things I had been blessed with in 2010, namely, my first degree…the people I met…overall health and general happiness. But along with the gratitude, I felt a slight twinge of insecurity.

I have been climbing this mountain toward success, but I’m at the point where the clouds are covering the peak. I have no idea where my foot will land next. It’s that unsure feeling that can really take you to a dark place of fear, that is, if you let it. It’s very similar to that feeling you get when you’re about to fall over, and you find yourself desperately flailing your arms and grasping for something to hold on to… to steady yourself… for security. Continue reading For Auld Lang Syne & Cloud Covered Mountain Tops

Sometimes Silence Speaks Louder Than Words

About a week ago, I planned to write a post for The Uptown Lounge about Chris Brown’s 2010 comeback. I have been very impressed by the progress he’s made since THE INCIDENT, which was almost two years ago. He did his community service, he cried at the BET Awards, he’s nominated for 3 Grammy’s for a mixtape song, and he completed his court ordered domestic violence course. Chris really made strides to get back in the public’s good graces, and then…he regressed for a few hours. The problem is, those few hours have sparked a negative media frenzy that will probably once again put him back in America’s proverbial dog house. Not sure what I’m talking about? Maybe you don’t have a Twitter account.

Here’s the story from Entertainment Weekly:
Continue reading Sometimes Silence Speaks Louder Than Words

I Want To Be Famous…On Purpose.

Yesterday I was in Borders reading Jay-Z’s book Decoded.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect, however I was told that the book was fantastic, and I had a little time to kill. After reading the first few pages, I was sucked in…and I even came across something really thought provoking.

In the intro to the book, Jay talks about finding his voice in hip-hop. Using Run DMC and Kurtis Blow as examples, he talked about the two predominant mindsets in hip hop, which were the braggadocios and the hustlers. But does that really tell the whole story? No one had ever talked about the mindset of the kid on the corner selling rocks, or the reason why the big gold chains and flashy cars were the epitome of being hot in the hood. That’s where Jay-Z found his niche. It’s almost the same way I found mine.

Continue reading I Want To Be Famous…On Purpose.

It’s Funny How So Close Can Seem So Far

This weekend I was listening to J. Cole’s newly released mixtape “Friday Night Lights”…something I’ve been waiting for for what seemed like months. It took me several hours to get past the first two tracks. Not because I was bored with it, but because I connected so much with the intro and first full length track.

J. Cole, is from Fayetteville, North Carolina. He’s also a Magna Cum Laude Graduate of St. John’s University with a degree in Communications. Evidence of those facts can be heard in his lyrics. Smart, but real enough to connect with a guy from the streets.

People have asked what’s the hype about him. Personally, I have found that I relate to him lyrically more than any other rapper that is presently recording.

One of the reasons I got stuck on tracks 1 & 2 was this line:

“It’s funny how so close can seem so far”

When I was in school, I was sold a dream. I talked about this before. I just knew I would come out of school with a job…a great salary, and living the early 20’s single life in some city that wasn’t Houston. But then reality set in…I still don’t have a full time job…or the salary that comes with it, I’m still in Houston, and living with my parents. I’m not whining. But I’m not complacent or satisfied either. Continue reading It’s Funny How So Close Can Seem So Far

For Black Men Who Are Angry About How They’re Portrayed In Movies and Television

I saw Tyler Perry‘s “For Colored Girls” on Monday evening with one of my good friends. I had never read Ntozake Shange‘s play before seeing the film, so I went into it seemingly blind. The things that the women endured in the film were so horrific, that I literally cried, screamed, and nervously laughed for the entire movie. After taking a few days to process, and read THIS ARTICLE in the Washington Post…I was reminded that there are so many deep-rooted issues in our community that we have yet to address. Continue reading For Black Men Who Are Angry About How They’re Portrayed In Movies and Television

The Mean Girls Of Morehouse & Intolerance In The Black Community (VLOG)

Had I actually written this it would have taken forever because when it comes to my writing I’m a perfectionist. Instead, I just decided to try something new, and actually talk to you guys. Continue reading The Mean Girls Of Morehouse & Intolerance In The Black Community (VLOG)

Welcome to Pretty Brown Girl!

Thank you for joining me. I’m hoping that through this blog, I can let you in on a little of my life, my thoughts, my journey to success, and in turn inspire you to be the best you that you can be.

Just like many of you, I’m navigating this thing called life with God by my side and my parents in tow. This blog is somewhat an online journal/current event soundboard. I just hope that we can create some interesting dialog, and that we’ll all grow from this experience together. Happy reading, and if you enjoy it, make sure you share this site with a friend!