Lord, Please Don’t Let Me Grow Up To Be Joan Clayton!

Lord, please don’t let me grow up to be a real life version of Joan Carol Clayton; a woman who is so obsessively driven by career and desperately seeking male attention that she settles for whatever comes her way. Do not let me be motivated solely by the clothes, shoes and bags that will make me look fabulous on the outside, while I’m raggedy on the inside. And Lord, please…do not let me forget that above all else, it is your love that sets the example for all relationships; pure & unconditional. Amen.

– From my journal.

Art imitates life, and when I watch television, I find myself picking out traits I have in common with the characters. I’m not sure if that’s the writer in me, or if I’m just analytical in that way. Whatever the case may be, one day as I was watching an episode of the now defunct show “Girlfriends,” I found myself nervous. I started seeing way too many similarities between myself and Tracee Ellis Ross’ character Joan Carol Clayton. If you watched the show, you know that Joan was the mother figure of the group, the advice giving attorney that was extremely successful professionally but a complete failure in her personal life, which eventually led to a breakdown that led her to working at a fast food kiosk in a mall. Apparently I am not the only one who noticed our likeness, as my friend recently revealed that she had been calling me Joan behind my back in regular conversation. (LOL) Continue reading Lord, Please Don’t Let Me Grow Up To Be Joan Clayton!


Make A Statement. It’s ALWAYS In Fashion.

I’ve been home from New York for a week, and the excitement has yet to wear off. The hustle and bustle of The City forces you to put a little pep in your step, and something in the spirit of the city awakens you. When you’re in New York City, anything can happen, and any dream is achievable.

Or, at least, that’s the feeling you get when you’re there.

The truth of the matter is, there are plenty of people chasing dreams and hitting glass ceilings everyday in New York…especially if they are black, and in the business of fashion. Yeah, I said it. The numbers don’t lie. From the runway to the boardroom, color is significantly absent in the world of apparel and accessories, with no rhyme or reason. Some things just are the way they are, because, they are…and no one has had enough gumption to do anything to change it. Continue reading Make A Statement. It’s ALWAYS In Fashion.

3 Months After Graduation, I Got A Corner Office

When I graduated from Hampton University on May 9th, 2010… I just knew that by October, I would have a job in my field. That may still happen, but it hasn’t happened yet. Now, by the standards of the economists and the studies that they have been producing, it takes about 7 months to find a job after graduating from college in the current economic climate. Well…I’m four months in…and I haven’t quit yet.

I have a job though…I work every day. 8:30-5:30pm…and I have a corner office. Full disclosure, I’m doing admin work and its only a temporary position, but…nevertheless. I have a corner office.

Anyone who knows that they know what they want out of life (or what they are passionate about) could find it hard to do something that is not whatever motivates them. I was that girl. However, while on my commute to the office one morning, I decided that I was going to make the best out of the situation. Sometimes, that’s all it takes. While at work, I try my best not to think about what I could have. Instead, I think about the things that I do have, and stay positive. I have a job, that pays, when some people don’t even have that. So I’m blessed. That is a winner’s attitude. Continue reading 3 Months After Graduation, I Got A Corner Office

21 Things I Learned Before Turning 22

I turned 22 last week…and I’m so grateful!

There have been so many things that have happened that helped shape me into the young woman that I am today. Here is a list of 21 things that I learned before turning 22. Some funny, some not so funny. ENJOY. And maybe you have a couple of things to add to the list? Drop them in the comment section!

  1. Always seek advice from God before anyone else… aka PRAY
  2. Although you may not always see eye to eye, your parents are some of your greatest allies, and biggest fans. Treat them as such.
  3. 9/10, your little brother will grow up to be your big little brother, and repay you for all of those times that you punked him. Tread lightly.
  4. Sometimes things just don’t work out and it’s no one’s fault.
  5. …and just because it doesn’t happen when you want it to, doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen.
  6. Continue reading 21 Things I Learned Before Turning 22

Welcome to Pretty Brown Girl!

Thank you for joining me. I’m hoping that through this blog, I can let you in on a little of my life, my thoughts, my journey to success, and in turn inspire you to be the best you that you can be.

Just like many of you, I’m navigating this thing called life with God by my side and my parents in tow. This blog is somewhat an online journal/current event soundboard. I just hope that we can create some interesting dialog, and that we’ll all grow from this experience together. Happy reading, and if you enjoy it, make sure you share this site with a friend!

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