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Why I Can Not Hate The White Girl Mob

Correct me if I’m wrong, but for a good portion of the last few decades, Rap has been the dominant force in popular music. In other words, something that started in urban black culture has been thrust into the mainstream, making it consumable by all. Does that mean that the art has been diluted, or that it’s just taken on a new form?

If you take a look at Billboard right now, I guarantee that you will find at least 5 rap tinged singles on the Hot 100 chart. And newsflash: everyone rapping, is not black. Over the years, the dominant consumers of rap music have been Caucasian teenage males, and for that reason, a brand new market has opened up for people of all colors to express themselves using a clever rhyme scheme.

Enter The White Girl Mob, a group of rapping white girls from California. Kreayshawn, the group’s leader, recently signed a million dollar record deal, based solely off of the success she saw with her independently produced song “Gucci Gucci” and it’s accompanying visual (which garnered millions of views on YouTube.) Check it out. Continue reading Why I Can Not Hate The White Girl Mob


You Are What You Say You Are

Every week, without fail, I come across something that could be considered a negative or a knock against something a woman is doing, or incapable of doing. Whether it be in my daily trek across the world wide web, or some report on the news, There is not a week that goes by that something doesn’t come up and try to block some girl’s shine.

In past times, I was the girl who would get riled up over the ignorant statements of lame-duck rappers, and other random male “experts” who had anything to say about women and the way we conduct our daily lives. Because…hello! Guys just don’t seem to understand how hard we have it! We’re held up to impossible standards because of what’s presented in the media. We’re constantly told we “can’t be” whatever because we’re too fat, or too skinny, or because we don’t look a certain way, or simply because we have ovaries and tend to openly express our emotions…thus making us the weaker of the two sexes. [insert sarcasm here]

Specifically, as women of color, we take extra blows to our ego, whether it be our complexions, decisions on the way we manage and style our hair, the size of our hips, butt, thighs and whatever else can be scrutinized. I mean, we have heard it all. And while some of these things may be true, at what point do we stop internalizing them?

While watching a trailer for a forthcoming documentary called “Dark Girls” I found myself feeling sick after the first 3 minutes. By the end of the clip, I was just mad. Not so much about the issues that the ladies recounted in their interviews, but more so at the thought of the adverse effects this clip might have on any little girl who may see it. What happens to the child who, before seeing this, never thought anything was wrong with the way she looked? Does she become self-conscious and then take on a feeling of inferiority? Or vice versa. I am in no way denying that the struggle is real. We are all faced with challenges daily, some of those hurdles are placed in front of us based on things that we have no control over, but that does not change the fact that we allow things to get under our skin and alter our perception of life too easily.

Anyone can try to sell you anything. But you don’t have to buy it. That same concept can be applied to the media. You believe what you want to believe. At the end of the day, the only person that you should be listening to about who you are is God (if you believe) and yourself. As people, we have the power to bring things to pass with the power of speech and belief. But if you’re always on the negative, you’ll never see a positive result. If you truly believe you aren’t smart enough, pretty enough, or strong enough, then you aren’t and you won’t be. That is, until you change your mindset.

You are what you say you are. So what are you saying about yourself today?

Does Social Media Cheapen Our Relationships?

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Yes. It is true. Social media has become a part of our daily lives. Be it a source of information, an opportunity to promote your art, or to simply stay connected with family and friends that we don’t get to see in person on a daily basis. Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and the like can be helpful, but have you taken into account the effect that they are having on your real life social interactions?

Elders say that our generation is more disconnected than ever. While on the surface, this might be unreasonable, if you really think about it, they are probably right. If you asked most people about their communication habits these days, you would probably find that they were more inclined to text, email, or contact people via social networks…rather than calling, or speaking in person. Think about it. There are plenty of things that you can say in a text message or tweet that you would never allow yourself to say out loud or to someone’s face. It’s this false sense of courage that has lead to a phenomenon we now refer to as cyberbullying, and a breakdown in communication across our culture as a whole. Continue reading Does Social Media Cheapen Our Relationships?

The Never Ending Battle – HBCU vs PWI

Yesterday I came across a really disturbing video of a brawl that was caught on tape in the cafeteria of Alabama State University, a Historically Black college. It was horrifying. Fists were flying, chairs became weapons and people were scattering in every direction. Complete chaos. This is the second incident in the past few weeks, in which violence on an HBCU campus sparked national attention. With that attention, of course comes questions of the relevance and validity of historically black institutions as a body.

Comments on the aforementioned video echoed similar sentiments; that this type of event would never have taken place on the campus of a predominantly White institution, or that the entire concept of HBCU’s is racist. One commenter in particular went on to suggest that if there were Historically White Colleges and Universities, Continue reading The Never Ending Battle – HBCU vs PWI

Stuck On Selfish pt. 2 – So, You Want To Be Rich?

Yesterday we talked about sharing our heart, and our time with other people in an effort to grow. Today…we’re going to have a discussion about being selfish with our money, and how it will keep us from being as rich as we want to be.

When you get a minute, walk into your closet. Take inventory of everything that’s in it. Shoes, hats, belts, pants, shirts, bags… everything. Now scroll through that list and tell me which of these items you really use? 9 times out of ten, you have a set selection of pieces you mix and match to create your outfits. The rest of the stuff, you can’t fit, don’t like anymore, maybe never liked…or just plain forgot about. That’s a problem, and it’s probably time for a purge. Don’t be embarrased. Per usual, I am talking to myself just as much as I am talking to you. We’ve become so spoiled, that nothing is ever good enough. Continue reading Stuck On Selfish pt. 2 – So, You Want To Be Rich?

Dear Mr. President…

Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...

Dear Mr. President,

I figured that today would be as good as any to sit down and write you a nice letter. You have been on my mind, and I hope you are fairing well…or at least as well as can be expected in your current circumstance. It is on this day that the citizens of these United States take time to honor the births of several of our forefathers, some of the most revered Presidents in the history of this great nation. I think that one day, your name will be added to that list of greatness. Of course, no one sees what you’re doing now, because we’re in it, but ten years from now, I think we’ll all look back and owe you a great deal of gratitude.

Despite how I feel about this day being a slight distraction in the middle of Black History Month, you deserve a round of applause today. You sir, have fought on our behalf and made improvements that will impact Americans for generations to come, only to be berated with questions of your citizenship, your loyalty to your “black side”, and allegations of dog hatred…among other things. For these reasons, and many others, I’d like to apologize to you on behalf of my colleagues in the media, and on behalf of the population in general. We’re sorry. Honestly. Some of us just don’t realize what we’re doing, or saying.

Often times, especially in today ‘s society, we find ourselves wanting everything instantaneously. Food, fame, money, or whatever…if it doesn’t come quickly, we’re unhappy. Continue reading Dear Mr. President…

For Auld Lang Syne & Cloud Covered Mountain Tops

I started off 2011 in a fit of tears.

You know the kind. You try to choke them back until they overpower you, leaving you emotionally open and vulnerable to the world that surrounds you? Yes. That was me. Standing in a room full of people, but alone with God. At that moment, I felt more peace and solitude than I had felt in a very long time.

The tears, were flowing from a place at the bottom of my heart; much deeper than the joy of seeing a new year. I was filled with gratitude for all of the things I had been blessed with in 2010, namely, my first degree…the people I met…overall health and general happiness. But along with the gratitude, I felt a slight twinge of insecurity.

I have been climbing this mountain toward success, but I’m at the point where the clouds are covering the peak. I have no idea where my foot will land next. It’s that unsure feeling that can really take you to a dark place of fear, that is, if you let it. It’s very similar to that feeling you get when you’re about to fall over, and you find yourself desperately flailing your arms and grasping for something to hold on to… to steady yourself… for security. Continue reading For Auld Lang Syne & Cloud Covered Mountain Tops

Sometimes Silence Speaks Louder Than Words

About a week ago, I planned to write a post for The Uptown Lounge about Chris Brown’s 2010 comeback. I have been very impressed by the progress he’s made since THE INCIDENT, which was almost two years ago. He did his community service, he cried at the BET Awards, he’s nominated for 3 Grammy’s for a mixtape song, and he completed his court ordered domestic violence course. Chris really made strides to get back in the public’s good graces, and then…he regressed for a few hours. The problem is, those few hours have sparked a negative media frenzy that will probably once again put him back in America’s proverbial dog house. Not sure what I’m talking about? Maybe you don’t have a Twitter account.

Here’s the story from Entertainment Weekly:
Continue reading Sometimes Silence Speaks Louder Than Words

5 “Guy Things” That I Just Don’t Get

As a girl there are some things that I just do not understand… especially when it comes to the actions of my male counterparts… so I’m presenting them to you all in hopes that my male readers will comment and help me understand.

Standing In Line All Night For Shoes Everyone Will Have

Today Brand Jordan re-released their Cool Grey XI’s. When I was in the mall on Tuesday, the team at Foot Locker was already preparing for the launch of the shoes, with barricades and velvet rope. I’ve never understood why people pay so much money for shoes that cost less than a dollar to make.But to stand in line for hours to get a pair of shoes that everyone else will have? Continue reading 5 “Guy Things” That I Just Don’t Get

Time Is Only Wasting…So Why Wait For Eventually?

The funny thing about social networks is, you can be whoever you want to be and say whatever you want to say, even if it’s not true in your real life. The internet is a fantasy world, where you can recreate yourself…and be who you really want to be in real life.

Let me let you in on a little secret. If you stopped talking about it online, and started making it happen…you could stop being miserable…and start really living. Continue reading Time Is Only Wasting…So Why Wait For Eventually?