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On Chris Brown, Twitter Rants, and Media Bias

Have you ever stopped to think about how invested we are in other people’s lives?

That may sound like a strange question, but humor me for a moment. We live in a society where “reality” shows are more popular than scripted dramas or sitcoms, right? Not to mention, with social media, we have unprecedented access to celebrities, which for better or worse, is demystifying the concept of fame. These days, artists aren’t just selling their music, they’re selling a “lifestyle”, and in many cases, the latter has more bearing on success than the product of the former, right? Do you realize how detrimental that can be to the shaping of our perceptions of what is truly real? Or, no?

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Sometimes Silence Speaks Louder Than Words

About a week ago, I planned to write a post for The Uptown Lounge about Chris Brown’s 2010 comeback. I have been very impressed by the progress he’s made since THE INCIDENT, which was almost two years ago. He did his community service, he cried at the BET Awards, he’s nominated for 3 Grammy’s for a mixtape song, and he completed his court ordered domestic violence course. Chris really made strides to get back in the public’s good graces, and then…he regressed for a few hours. The problem is, those few hours have sparked a negative media frenzy that will probably once again put him back in America’s proverbial dog house. Not sure what I’m talking about? Maybe you don’t have a Twitter account.

Here’s the story from Entertainment Weekly:
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